Training classes

We offer professional and friendly dog training classes, with a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Our aim is to help develop a harmonious relationship between man and his/her best friend, with fun reward-based fun training classes!

We can help with socializing issues, offer general training tips, and show you how to mentally stimulate your dog.

We give you owner confidence; the more confident you are in handling your dog, the better they will respond to you.

Walking to heel, does your dog take you for a walk; we will help you take control of your walks.

Train your dog to sit or lay down on command, essential for developing control and obedience.

Stays are a very important exercise to teach your dog.

Learn to read your dog’s behaviour and develop the right body language for effective commands.

You will learn all the basic commands of dog training.

Plus fun stuff like play tunnels, jumps, send aways, scent work and plenty of dog tricks and games.

A good fun session for both dogs and owners.

Please contact us for details of classes.