Insurance Claims for Dog Behaviour

Insurance Claims for Dog Behaviour

Is your dog insured? You may be able to claim my dog behaviour fees via your pet insurance.

Pet insurance. Claim your dog behavior fees

Many insurers cover the cost of dog behaviour consultations. In some instances your insurer will pay all of my fees less your excess.

Being a full member to the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association UK enables me to work through your insurer. My standing with the CFBA tells your insurer that I work to a high professional standard that is recognised by your insurer.

Contact your insurance provider in advance of booking a consultation to check the details of cover, and or exceptions within your specific policy type.
This is not a complete list of companies that may cover you for canine behaviour modification. Pet Plan insurance is the company most commonly used for behavioural modification, as they offer the most comprehensive cover.

Pet Plan
Help U Cover
Animal Friends
More Than
The Kennel Club
Marks & Spencer
Argos Financial Services