Tracking is a sport where the people take the passenger’s seat. The dog is in the lead and is able to confidently do what comes naturally to it, and we must learn to trust in this ability.

Scent is produced by the human body, and when vegetation on the surface of the ground is crushed or disturbed when trod upon by a person. The tracks your dog will be exposed to in training will always be a mixture of Human scent and Ground scent

How to get a dog to track involves directing long-ingrained instincts once used by dogs to hunt in packs. Tracking involves combining several kinds of scents to develop a path toward a goal or object.

We are very fortunate to have a highly experienced ex-police dog handler teaching are tracking sessions.

There are no limitations on breed, size or age for a dog to have a go at tracking; they just need to be a dog that has a keen interest in using their nose.

If you have an interest in tracking please contact us for details, but we do have a waiting list.

Some of our tracking dogs enjoying their work

Jill and Raven. (Black GSD)
Sian and Kai (Welsh Springer)
Lesley and Ellie (Poodle X collie)
Rift (Welsh Sheep dog)

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