Roann’s Dog Therapy Team

are passionate about helping dogs to adapt and cope in our world and to help owners to understand their dog’s needs.
Our aim is to show you how to accomplish a happy stable dog that you can enjoy as a member of your family unit.
We as humans take dogs out of their natural pack environment and expect them to live in our world and with our expectations of what a pet should do. Dogs cope with this quite well in general, the problems arise when we don’t show them what our expectations are and don’t give them clear, simple and consistent signals and guide lines.
A confused dog is an unhappy dog.
We will teach you how to establish a safe and consistent structure in your dog’s life.
He/she could be that great companion you always hoped for.

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Member of CFBA


The Canine and Feline Behaviour Association is accepted by Pet Insurance companies who cover behaviour problems and meets their criteria for competence and excellence.

The CFBA is a member of the Pet Education Behaviour & Training Council of Great Britain


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